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Maintain an atmosphere of peace and harmony with our sacred Palo Santo sticks. When burned, it will give off a unique aroma that helps deepen spiritual moments of mediation, contemplation, focus, and beyond.


Our Palo Santo sticks come from trees in Peru that die naturally.

The tree is compressed then during the decomposition process, the tree secrets its oils and acquires its medical and aromatic properties while preserved for 3 to 4 years.


How to use:

  1. Light a match
  2. Hold stick away from your body
  3. Keep it lit for10-30 seconds, lightly shake to blow out
  4. Place in a fire-safe container and enjoy the fragrant smoke


*Always use caution will in use; open a window as needed to control smoke build-up. This will also allow negative energy a clean exit.*

Palo Santo


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