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  • How long does shipping and processing take?
    Processing time takes 2-4 days. USPS Priorty shipping takes 5-10 business days due to the holidays Our shipping prices are based on USPS First class and Priority mail estimates.
  • Do we provide event favors?
    Absolutely! Contact us to inquire about amount and pricing. Please give a month notice to insure your order is completed properly.
  • How do I care for my Butter Bae, HydraLip, and Shampoo Bae?"
    For best consistancy of Butter Bae and HydraLip, keep at room temperture (70-78 degrees). The main ingredient, Shea Butter usually melts at 90 degrees. Shampoo Bae includes a natural thickening named Guar, be sure to shake bottle well before each use.
  • Do we accept returns /exchanges?
    Due to the nature of our products and COVID-19, we cannot accept exchanges or returns. If there is a issue such a damage contains, we definitely want to make it right, please contact us.
  • What delivery and pickup options are available?
    We use Shippo for our fullfilment needs, USPS is usually the cheapest and fastest packaging option, making your order a flat rate of $5 to ship anywhere in the United States. Picking-up your order in person is a free option if you would like to come to 650 South Central Ave. 30354. Pickup is available daily bewteen the hours of 11am-7pm. Personal delivery for any customer's in Atlanta is an option for a flat rate of $8. If you spend over $45 your personal delivery will be free. No coupon code needed. For our international customers it is a flat rate of $10.
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